Petal Pave’




Jewels and petals both look great when pave’. This design is sure to make any mom squeal with delight. We’ve taken Starfighter lilies, roses, waxflower, button chrysanthemums and carnations and added just the right amount of foliage for flair.

Delivery Options

Delivery to the Lincoln area is $13.

Delivery outside Lincoln is $25. Please call us at 402-423-6500 if you would like to have us deliver to the following zip codes outside Lincoln:

  • Bennet—68317
  • Cheney—68526
  • Eagle—68347
  • Firth—68358
  • Hickman—68372
  • Panama—68419
  • Roca—68430
  • Sprague—68438
  • Waverly—68462

When ordering online to send multiple Mother’s Day petal deliveries to different locations, please create each order separately.