Become a Petal Snob

petal snob : noun

  1. a florist who is more interested in creating unique designs with petals as opposed to arrangement in a vase
  2. someone who places high standards on the quality of petals and the statement they make
  3. an individual who holds his or her community in high esteem and the role petals play in it

At Petal Creations, we’re all Petal Snobs—individuals who are educated in the care and handling of petals. We do more than arrange petals. Instead, we design custom flower arrangements unique to your requests. We attend conferences to keep up to date on the latest trends in floral design and apply what we learn to our own craft. So when you purchase petal arrangements at Petal Creations, you’re getting one-of-a-kind pieces that are carefully planned and designed specifically for you.

How You Can Become a Petal Snob

Petal Snobs don’t copy — they create. And while this designation requires imagination, it also requires a passion and education. Unlike florists in grocery stores who are have little or no experience upon hire, petal snobs have spent years paying attention to the details from start to finish, everything from storage methods that prolong the life of petals to keeping every petal in place upon delivery. Petals purchased from anywhere else simply pale in comparison.

Petal Snobs take extra care in designing floral pieces, because they understand that a message is sent with every petal, and that their time and attention is ultimately touching someone’s life. Plus, they are cause for celebrating not only the big events in our lives, but the significant moments as well. Petal Snobs not only know this, they demand that their designs reflect it and strive for compliments on the exquisite nature of their work.