petalwedding-300x300Some brides are elegant, some exotic… All are individuals.

There are ways to characterize a wedding beyond beautiful. Some brides are elegant, some might be exotic, but all are individuals. Your petals should be a direct reflection of this, and accentuate all of the characteristics that made your soon-to-be spouse fall in love with you.

Petals are your wedding day’s accessory. Combinations of petal variety, color and arrangement design make the possibilities endless, ensuring that your wedding day can be as unique as you. Wedding planning is also taking petals outside of their traditional role of being carried down the aisle. Now, petals are used for gifts, decor and personal accessories—anything you can imagine to make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life.

Making your day, yours!

Petal Creations offers private consultation as a means of getting to know you and selecting the perfect combination of petal varieties and arrangement styles to set the tone of your wedding day. Keep in mind that your ideas are welcomed in our consultations! The staff at Petal Creations will only make them come to life in a way that best reflects your individuality.


Here are a few samples from a recent wedding. Click the thumbnails to view a larger image.