We all know petals and plants generate positive emotions. Did you know they also increase productivity?

Petals and plants are known to generate positive emotions in people, which can influence employees’ creative thinking and problem-solving skills, two qualities highly-prized in today’s competitive economy. A study conducted by Texas A&M actually linked petals to workplace productivity, demonstrating that individuals immersed in environments with petals and plants generated more ideas and original solutions to challenges in the workplace. Briefly stated, petals in the workplace can give companies the competitive edge.

Petal Creations is helping you grow your bottom line! Happy Employees = Company Growth

Furthering company growth, plants and petals in the workplace also create a welcoming atmosphere for current or potential clients. When it’s apparent to an outsider that a company’s employees are happy, building positive client relationships becomes second nature.

Petal Creations offers discounts to corporate clients who understand the impact of petals, not only for the benefit of individual employees, but for creating environments that are welcoming to everyone involved. These offers include:

  • Direct billing
  • Twenty percent discount if paid by the 10th of month
  • Half-price delivery on orders of $35 of more within city limits
  • Weekly delivery
  • Rented, reusable containers