Life is beautiful, its memory should be exquisite

Life is a beautiful thing and in its memory exquisite flowers have the power to mark final tribute to the love and friendship, the laughter and words, the whispers and kindness that were shared. Even as you are feeling the uncertainty that loss can bring, flowers extend a constant, a moment of peace, in this realm of unfamiliarity. It is through this extension of peace that loved ones and friends can give final tribute to life fully lived. Sympathy flowers, whether sent by a friend or displayed in full glory by a family, serve as the final reminder and celebration of all the memories, the gentle thoughts and the strong moments that were shared by one’s life. Those of us left to celebrate the life and grieve the passing of a loved one stand at a crossroads, holding the power to share our love and thankfulness, truly paying homage to a life that will be deeply missed through the soft beauty of flowers. Words in final tribute are best complimented by petals as they dance around their long green steams and magnificently curl with splashes of color or pure white., marking the laughter shared by a life. Giving your memories in flowers allows you one last opportunity to say goodbye, sharing your love and your thoughts with the person you miss and the world.